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Global pharmaceutical client

Following a high-profile acquisition, this pharmaceutical company needed to expand its Hong Kong office to welcome a new era of innovation.

To further their goal of advancing innovation and bringing groundbreaking medicines to patients in need, our client needed to successfully integrate over 30 brands and leadership positions under its global umbrella.

Having previously redesigned and refurbished several of their offices in Europe, Unispace once again partnered with them to design and deliver the expansion of their Hong Kong office in line with their new brand guidelines.

With a new total floor area of 6,000 square feet, the additional space includes a mixture of open-plan workstations, dedicated meeting rooms, as well as community spaces where team members can take a break and get to know their new colleagues. Natural timber paneling and nature-inspired artworks were used throughout to blend the existing space with the new, while giving the new space its own identity.

The office overlooks the Hong Kong Island skyline, letting natural light fill the office throughout the day. Special care was given to the placement of the managerial offices and meeting rooms – which line the periphery – to ensure that natural light would reach all workstations, regardless of their position in the office.

As the project was delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic, the typical project workflow was adjusted to keep up with the changing nature of the situation. Despite some logistical delays along the way, the office refurbishment was successfully completed and delivered to the team, defect-free, within the planned two-month timeline.

“Working with Unispace has been an incredibly positive experience from start to finish,” said the Global Project Manager based in Ireland.

“The team proposed a superior office design concept during the tender process, and were creative and highly responsive throughout the project. I especially appreciated the attention to detail and care across various aspects, including managing the moving company on move-in day, and investigating a HVAC issue with the landlord."

"Furthermore, their diligence and regular updates enabled the wider team to constantly stay on top of the project’s progress in real time - this was especially helpful, as I personally was unable to travel to Hong Kong and be present on-site due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

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Global pharmaceutical client



Hong Kong






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Global pharmaceutical client,
Hong Kong

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