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Global Investment Management Firm, Singapore

To support their expansion plans, this global investment management firm required a new, aspirational workplace in Singapore that also attracts and retains top talent.

Our client was keen to bring all their offices around the world together under a cohesive office design strategy to ensure that projected headcount growth could be accounted for.
Unispace's role in the project was to work with the client’s existing Shanghai-based Concept Designer and, within the framework of their global design guidelines, adapt the layouts to comply with local building codes as well as sourcing in-market materials and finishes. The latter became particularly important, as the Covid-driven squeeze on procurement of materials and finishes could have impacted the program and raised costs.

Throughout the course of the project, the Unispace team faced multiple challenges by way of labor shortages and material delays. However, through clever local and regional sourcing and contractor selection, we not only ensured deadlines were met, but also delivered cost savings to the budget.

Covid travel restrictions prevented the client's project manager, based in Hong Kong, and the Concept Designer based in Shanghai, from overseeing the project first-hand. Unispace bridged this communication gap through the utilization of technologies like OpenSpace and ProCore. Our client enjoyed weekly virtual walkthroughs and real-time views via the OpenSpace tool, which provided visual progress updates from wherever they were in the world. These walkthroughs were shared alongside regular work-in-progress meetings, offering immersive status updates and ensuring collective peace of mind throughout the entire project.

As the delivery partner, Unispace's team's ability to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders, and to manage the project under challenging circumstances, resulted in an on-time and on-budget new workplace for this important client.  Our client's goals of future-proofing their workplace for impending growth, and creating an office that attracts and retains talent, have been realized.
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Global Investment Management Firm





January, 2022





"Our firm is undergoing rapid expansion globally and we required new offices in India and Singapore to accommodate our growth plans. The new offices were executed and delivered mid-Covid, but Unispace was able to deliver both our projects on time and within budget.
Covid travel restrictions prevented us from overseeing the project first-hand. However, with the use of Unispace’s deployed technologies, ProCore and OpenSpace, we were provided with daily and weekly updates as well as virtual tours which provided us with complete transparency on the project and the ability to make informed and efficient decisions."

Client, Global Investment Management Firm

Global investment management firm reception
Global investment management firm meeting room
Global investment management firm meeting room 2
Global investment management firm open seating
Global investment management firm kitchen area
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Global investment management firm library
Global investment management firm reception

CBD area, Singapore

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