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Global Healthcare Company

Unispace Transforms Global Healthcare Company's Office into a Vibrant and Collaborative Workspace

A Global Healthcare Company partnered with Unispace to overhaul its workplace, focusing on team expansion and global workplace standards. Drawing inspiration from global offices, the project aimed to create a cohesive environment fostering collaboration, productivity, and employee well-being.

Creating a Central Hub for Collaboration and Community

Inspired by the headquarters' design, Unispace introduced a purpose-designed café space as the office's focal point. This area encourages employees to gather, socialize, and share meals amidst biophilic elements that enhance natural light, greenery, and natural materials. This design philosophy formed the cornerstone of the initial proposal, emphasizing vibrant, collaborative spaces that cultivate a sense of community.

Integrating Heritage and Innovation

The revamped workspace incorporates organic shapes, seamlessly integrated with advanced technology and engineering elements. This blend reflects the company's commitment to merging human touch with technological innovation, aligning with its mission to combat human diseases and promote healthy living.

Enhancing Employee Well-being with Biophilic Design

Employee well-being and productivity were paramount in the design process. The office integrates natural colors, patterns, and biophilic elements to create a revitalizing and dynamic work environment. These natural elements aim to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

The transformation of the workplace reflects meticulous planning, drawing from successful designs and tailored elements to meet Global Healthcare Company's specific needs. The new design supports the company’s expanding team and global workplace standards, fostering a dynamic, cohesive, and inspiring work environment. This project not only addresses the current requirements of Global Healthcare Company but also positions it for sustained growth and success in the future.

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Global Healthcare Company





May, 2024



Design and Build



Vibhor Yadav




Global Healthcare Company

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