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A Confidential Global Insurance Group Redefines Workspace Excellence in Singapore

A Harmonious Blend of Sustainability, Versatility, and Professional Pride

A confidential global insurance company (‘The Company’) embarked on a significant expansion initiative in Singapore, necessitating a thorough reimagination of its workspace. In parallel with this expansion, The Company partnered with Unispace to shape a workspace that not only aligned with the company's core values but also catered to the evolving needs of its burgeoning operations.

Addressing Challenges in the Previous Workplace

The former workspace posed challenges, including limited capacity, impeding The Company's ability to host corporate events and accommodate its growing team. These constraints prompted the decision to relocate and redesign, laying the foundation for a more dynamic and expansive workspace.

Designing for Sustainability

The Company's commitment to sustainability permeated the new workspace. Operationally, they collaborated closely with Unispace to minimize environmental impact, focusing on energy consumption, waste management, and integrating energy-efficient technologies.

Versatility and Flexibility

The revamped space offers The Company versatile options, transforming it into an ideal venue for corporate events, client meetings, and town hall gatherings. This adaptability extends to the workstations, fostering a sense of community within the team and with external stakeholders. They recognize the importance of creating an environment that contributes to both corporate and personal development.

Well-being and Professional Growth

Prioritizing employee well-being, The Company strategically positioned workstations near windows, harnessing natural sunlight and city views. Ergonomically designed offices and height-adjustable desks contribute to physical well-being, reinforcing their commitment to a genuinely sustainable workplace.

Professionalism and Pride

The meticulously designed interiors not only showcase The Company's professionalism and expertise but also provide functional and comfortable spaces. Collaborative areas and adaptable workstations cater to individual preferences, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within the team.

In essence, the new workplace stands as a testament to the synergy between corporate vision and thoughtful design. The transformed workspace mirrors the commitment to sustainability, versatility, and employee well-being, serving as a dynamic hub for growth and professional development. As The Company extends its footprint across the Asia Pacific region, the newly designed workspace not only supports operational goals but also reflects a holistic commitment to creating a workplace that inspires pride, fosters collaboration, and embodies the values at the heart of their success.

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A Global Insurance Group





November, 2023



Design and Build 



Finbarr Fallon



A Global Insurance Group

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