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Groupe Clarins

  • 17,200 sqft
  • Asia Pacific

Country, City

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

Groupe Clarins knows the importance of brand; and their new workplace is a perfect showcase of their people and aesthetic.

Groupe Clarins’ previous workplace neither reflected their market presence, nor was it an efficient, people-orientated place to work.

With multiple brands working together under one roof, Groupe Clarins wanted to create an environment that reflected their culture and vision while also incorporating visual references to each brand they represent.

When their building in the Sydney suburbs was set to be demolished, they saw an opportunity to move their people and products closer to the CBD and make their workplace vision a reality; an environment their people and clients would be proud of. The beautiful heritage building in the heart of Sydney, where they now reside, does just that with its unique features like industrial detailing and exposed brick walls. 

The overall design takes inspiration from the application of cosmetics. The heritage building is juxtaposed with a clean minimalist overlay which acts as a canvas for decorative layers of colour, pattern and texture, perfectly complementing the environment. 

Connectivity plays an important role in the new space; improving collaboration between office based and retail teams, and across the different brands. The new workplace model draws managers out of their offices to an open plan environment, to sit among their teams. A bespoke training floor includes built-forpurpose product showcases and onsite training rooms which foster team, brand and learning experiences. 

The integration of brand was carefully applied with bold graphics and digital brand expressions, providing an impactful welcome in key client areas. In the work zone, subtle green botanicals celebrate Groupe Clarins’ expertise in plant-based beauty, and hints of red bring soft brand cues.

The new Groupe Clarins office is now a destination; a place where their brand and people can grow, where aesthetic transforms culture.

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