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HP Inc

Together with Downstream, Unispace Group’s Experience Design agency, we created a unique employee and customer experience for HP Inc’s workplace and Executive Briefing Centre. The vision was to create an environment that conveys HP Inc's innovative culture and vision for the future of work while showcasing its products and solutions.

HP Inc (formerly Hewlett Packard), a leading American multinational technology company, partnered with Unispace and Downstream to develop the Futurescapes concept for their workplace and customer centre in India. Setting a new vision for the future of their hybrid workplace mode, our Futurescapes concept created adaptable spaces that promote AI innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being while reflecting HP's rich history, brand identity, and cultural ethos. Four distinct zones were developed: Growthscapes, Socialscapes, Playscapes, and Techscapes.

Through our Discovery phase, Unispace and Downstream worked with HP stakeholders to understand their desired employee and visitor experiences. We were able to design and build an adaptable, seamless environment that accommodates planned activities and impromptu events. Movable digital screens allow HP to effortlessly transition from hosting small product demonstrations to large town hall meetings by quickly adjusting the event space's size. This approach seamlessly integrates employee and customer areas, optimising footprint and overall functionality.

Growthscapes: empowering employee engagement and growth

Growthscapes is an open office layout that prioritizes flexibility and productivity. It features workstations, focus pods, community tables, and dedicated quiet zones. Wellness rooms with natural light and green walls adorned with real plants support mental health, offering employees spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Socialscapes: facilitating team collaboration

Socialscapes extend the workplace beyond traditional boundaries, creating vibrant environments for brainstorming and casual discussions. These spaces are crafted to encourage collaboration and spontaneous interactions, fostering a culture of creativity and idea exchange among HP

employees. Featuring flexible seating arrangements, comfortable café-style open spaces, and communal zones, Socialscapes invite employees to gather and share ideas, enhancing overall team cohesion and innovation.

Playcapes: celebrating and connecting to HP’s brand

In homage to HP's rich heritage, Playscapes reflects the brand's history and values with features such as an arched gateway symbolizing strength, and a rugged garage-inspired ambiance evoking the company's humble beginnings. The lounge area is where people meet, connect and refresh while being surrounded by artful representations of HP’s cultural initiatives and corporate citizenship stories.

Techscapes: embracing the future of innovation

Central to the project was the Techscape element, known as the Living Studio, designed by Downstream to blend the division of customer and employee spaces. The Living Studio is divided into several dynamic zones, each enhancing the user experience across arrivals, presentations, product showcases and more.

Reception and welcome: Visitors’ first impression is of cutting-edge ambiance in the reception, with customized welcome messages and event information.

Tech Café: This is an employee and learning-focused area with an open coffee bar and technology lab showcasing the latest HP product developments and innovations.

Presentation and Collaboration: Flexible partition screens and interactive platforms connected to a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) are used for client demonstrations, product launches, and employee events. The interactive displays allow personalisation and curated content that present HP’s offering in an engaging way.

Theatre: Large bleacher seating and flexible interactive AV platforms make the theatre a multipurpose space for employees and customers.

Lounge: A space to meet, connect, and refresh, surrounded by HP’s beliefs and corporate citizenship stories, showcasing the company's cultural initiatives.

A significant aspect of the project was HP's commitment to sustainability, exemplified by the achievement of LEED Gold certification for the workplace. The design incorporated various eco-friendly features such as green walls with real plants, which not only enhance aesthetics but also improve indoor air quality and employee well-being. Furthermore, the implementation of a motion detection lighting system ensures energy efficiency by automatically adjusting lighting levels based on occupancy, minimizing energy wastage. These sustainable practices not only showcase HP's dedication to environmental responsibility but also contribute to creating a healthier and more efficient workspace for employees.

Through a collaborative partnership with Unispace and Downstream, HP has set a new standard for future workplace design, creating a dynamic and inspiring space that fosters creativity, productivity, and employee well-being

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March, 2024



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