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A headquarter renovation that better represents a leading brand, facilitates growth, and creates a destination for staff.

HubSpot is a fast-growing tech firm that offers an inbound marketing software platform used globally. Like the experience they provide to customers, they want their offices to be engaging and attractive to the brightest minds in the tech world.

Located in Cambridge MA, Hubspot’s headquarters complex has been added on to as the company has expanded and neighboring tenants have moved out. With a staff count at 1,200 and growing, the latest phase of this expansion included updates to the main entrance lobby, workplace zones, and a dramatic atrium hub/café area that joins two buildings. It was critical to move quickly — leveraging the power of our integrated design and construction methodology, they retained us to help dramatically speed up the renovation schedule.

We completed a visioning session to better understand what the first impression needed to be for employees and guests as they entered the lobby. We worked closely with Hubspot’s Brand & Marketing team to incorporate their values and brand updates including some new brand colors.

Hubspot’s trademark orange is still used throughout the space but we also created a living wall centered around one of their slogans “Grow Better” on a re-occurring material seen in their spaces, reclaimed wood.

As the space grows Hubspot needs to create more opportunities for interactions and movement of staff. To encourage migration between buildings, and with an aim to reduce food waste and provide a new amenity to staff, Hubspot decided to implement a smoothie bar with healthy snacks for staff in the atrium hub area. This destination brings people together and creates a new collaboration zone for meetings, gatherings, and after-hours get togethers.

Hubspot continuously wins awards for their product as well as being a top company to work for. These additions further help Hubspot maintain their staff influx, while upholding the cool, forward-thinking tech environment that they are known for. Staff love the new amenities, and they have helped the company attract and retain talent as well as giving an overall sense of camaraderie and awareness of brand values.

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Cambridge MA, USA







Cambridge, MA, USA

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