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A sustained period of growth and the need to integrate teams in a single space prompted IDEX to seek new Parisian premises and partner with Unispace for a data-driven design solution that would encompass workplace strategy and discovery, change management, design development and construction expertise.

Project Brief
The project brief received from IDEX was very clear; they wanted to introduce new ways of working that included a space designed to facilitate flexible working for up to 40% of their workforce on any given day, and integrate multidisciplinary teams within a single space to leave siloed working practices in the past. This would be achieved through the introduction of collaboration and social spaces in which the team could continue to collaborate and grow.  

A workplace reinvention 
Before engaging Unispace, IDEX had been working in a very traditional way, which had helped them achieve the growth that prompted the move, but which did not support the business in its ambitions to achieve bigger and bolder objectives. The previous location was neither capable of fostering integration between teams, nor did it enable hybrid and flexible approaches to work.  

The strategy and discovery phase included both workplace strategy and change management to inform the design and educate key stakeholders on how to achieve goals set out in the brief. Data from surveys previously conducted were provided to the Unispace Strategy team, who engaged with business leaders and Workers Councils, as well as chairing workshops to identify the most effective solutions that would satisfy IDEX’s business needs.  

Transforming data into design 

To ensure a space that was fit for purpose and that caters to all employee personality profiles, the design included diverse workspace typologies (focus, collaboration and social spaces) in a variety of forms to provide the IDEX teams with every kind of workspace they could possibly need to complete any task, whether planned or impromptu.  

The design married physical space with technology in a revolutionary move for the business that would facilitate hybrid and flex working models. This represents a total reinvention of the way in which IDEX approaches workplace behaviours and attitudes. Biophilia plays a large role in balancing the technological components of the space to improve wellbeing and instill calm across a cutting-edge workspace that hits the nail on the head for achieving IDEX’s future of work ambitions.  

Bringing the work to life 
The turnaround for the entirety of the project (strategy and discovery, change management, design, and construction) was very limited and as such, the Unispace team in Paris had to rely upon a collaborative and organised team spirit, assisting one another to ensure that not only would the deadline be met, but also to ensure a precision execution of on-site works.  

The construction team, applied their tried and tested talent for project management and execution to ensure that the team not only delivered for IDEX, but maximised the vision of the design and strategy teams who had laid the groundwork and set a bold vision for the solution. 

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