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iZotope’s new headquarters help bolster the creative efforts of a team of composers, producers and whiskey aficionados.

iZotope is an award winning developer of audio technology whose staff is comprised of musicians, software developers and entrepreneurs. We brought our methodology to bear from lease negotiations through delivery to lead an agile, collaborative process that responded to unique budgetary and construction challenges.

iZotope relied on us from the onset of lease negotiations when precise, carefully detailed test fits and an exacting budget facilitated a rapid response to the deal terms. Our team worked in conjunction with the client’s real estate representatives to ensure that iZotope was not liable for base-building scope.

Our designers led a tactile visioning process that directly engaged over 100 iZotope employees to develop a design that supports their unique culture.

Styled 'Craftsmen and Connoisseurs', the design vision emphasises the importance of authenticity, precision and meticulous details found in herringbone tiles, custom barn doors built from reclaimed wood and artfully restored brickwork.  

Our multi-disciplinary approach allowed the design team to work hand in hand with trades to explore material options, construction methods and site limitations in real time with current pricing. Together, designers and construction professionals identified and eliminated unnecessary expenditures while improving upon function and design quality to ensure timely project delivery. The resulting workplace inspires, supports rapid growth and communicates iZotope’s persona. 

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Cambridge MA, USA







Cambridge, MA, USA

Reach out to us for more information