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Leading investment and advisory group, Jarden, has established a new presence on Auckland’s premium CBD waterfront.

Jarden are located in Commercial Bay, an A+ grade corporate office space in Auckland’s CBD. Unispace worked with the Jarden Directors to design a timeless and sophisticated workplace that provides a high-quality, welcoming client experience.

This was a truly collaborative exercise between architectural, interior and lighting design professionals to craft the space after hosting workshops with the client to determine the specific brief and requirements. The result is a highly bespoke experience of timeless, elegant materials. The minimalistic palette has been hand-selected and paired with all finishes, furniture, fittings and joinery giving the space a refined and polished aesthetic.

The workplace concept involved decisive planning and meticulous detailing to ensure that every square meter of the space works hard yet feels relaxed and flows from space to space in an effortless manner. All services and practical elements are discreetly hidden, allowing for a distraction-free experience of the gallery-like space where the workplace and the extensive art collection work hand in hand.

The Jarden office hosts a healthy balance of enclosed meeting and briefing spaces and a dedicated private working floor for employees. The library adds an enriched touch to the modern workplace and offers an alternative space for staff. Lighting plays a significant role in the design of the workplace with features layered throughout the space in all forms, illuminating feature finishes and artwork. This enhances the space and adds to the high-quality look and feel of the workplace.  

Hospitality and client experience is first and foremost at the heart of the design, with attention given to the finer details, right down to beautifully custom-made whiskey cabinets. Investment was put into the social aspects and culture of the workplace with a high-rise bar and kitchen equipped with a beer tap, wine cellar, barista coffee, and an all-access TV subscription. This provides a relaxing space for employees to take a break and unwind while looking over the striking waterfront views of Auckland that Commercial Bay offers.

These elements bring further value to Jarden’s hosting experience and offer the perfect space for employees, clients, and partners to collaborate and socialize, giving an opportunity to develop office culture.

The Jarden office interior design achieves the fine and elusive balance between high-end quality and making the most of the premium space while feeling warm and comfortably welcoming.

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New Zealand





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Auckland, New Zealand

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