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Jarden Corporation

Like us, Fortune 500 Company Jarden Corporation recognises the ability of workplace design to propel and transform business.

With over 30,000 employees worldwide, Jarden Corporation is a leading provider of consumer products with a portfolio of over 100 brands including Coleman, Marmot, Breville, Crock-Pot, Oster, Sunbeam and Yankee Candle. We understood from the onset that the success of Jarden’s new workplace hinged on the development of a distinctive, branded environment and an executive suite that empowers leadership to generate financial value.

Building on an in-depth visioning and programming process, we developed malleable, site specific installations that showcase the breadth of the client’s brand portfolio. The design repurposes iconic household items to elevate branding beyond product display and telegraph Jarden’s agile and forward-thinking culture.

Workplace design has witnessed a paradigm shift that moves executives out of corner offices, increases transparency, and allocates square footage to amenities shared by all. Jarden’s executive suite, however, called on our design team to carefully weigh issues of privacy, functionality, and adjacency. In response, the program adjoins the suite to the elevator lobby and creates a secure circulation path, entrance, and holding area for confidential corporate visitors whose presence, if known, might impact stock value. The functionality of the suite is enhanced by support spaces, private showers, and direct access from executive offices to conference rooms.

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Jarden Corporation



Norwalk, CT, USA







Jarden Corporation,
Norwalk, CT, USA

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