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Johnson Controls

An engaging client experience center that creates an iconic brand moment.

Connecting customers to the brand 
Johnson Controls recently completed a multi-year development project in Shanghai for their new APAC headquarters. The idea of a customer experience showcase is relatively nascent to the Chinese market, so Johnson Controls brought in Downstream to create a new client experience center. Designed to be more than just an engaging space, it creates an iconic brand moment for the entire building and is visible throughout the entry and all five floors.

Creating spaces for impactful
customer moments
To curate an experience that tells Johnson Controls’ story, Downstream created a series of five rotating, interactive content totems. One totem can be used, but when all five are in use and aligned in “takeover mode,” a Johnson Controls brand video plays across all five totems in unison, creating an impactful customer moment. The totems can feature orientation content and product and solution-specific content that can be triggered via touch, swipe, or by rotating the columns. To further personalize the experience, content can be tailored to the users with multiple language options. 

Customers can interact with a mix of digital and environmental brand elements such as a people and patent wall, a values wall, augmented reality tables, and a history wall. The history wall includes an interactive timeline that combines physical artifacts with digital touch screens that show Johnson Controls’ story and history of innovation. The experience center also includes a dedicated solutions showcase area where visitors can interact with displays that feature physical models. 

A new Executive Briefing Center that extends beyond products and services
The new client experience center is designed to immerse visitors into the brand and get customers talking. The space is intentionally less formal—enabling visitors to feel comfortable and giving them permission to have deep conversations that further enhance their partnership. The space shows that Johnson Controls listens to their customers, validates their concerns, and shows real solutions and a vision for the future. 

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Johnson Controls



Shanghai, China



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History wall that combines physical and digital elements showing the company's history
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