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​​Continuing a global partnership with Kennedys on their new Chicago workplace.​

Creating better experiences with less space     

Kennedys, a global law firm with a focus on litigation and dispute resolution, was relocating its Chicago office to a smaller space with a limited tenant improvement (TI) allowance from the landlord. Their main goal was to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that aligned with their brand and values, while also supporting productivity and collaboration. With a tight budget and schedule, Kennedys needed a solution that maximized the use of existing resources and minimized costs. We were trusted to deliver this solution based on our previous work on Kennedys’ Sydney and London locations.​ 

Close collaboration creates a seamless design and construction process

To meet Kennedys' objectives, we developed a cost-effective solution that focused on brand integration, downsizing space, and increasing productivity. Our design team worked closely with Kennedys to identify existing conditions that could be repurposed and integrated into the new space, so the final design concept was easy to achieve. 

We brought in a palette that reflects Kennedys’ brand of authenticity, warmth, and simplicity, and added greenery for a touch of nature. The reception area includes branded signage as its predominant element and has an inviting feel, while a variety of space types throughout the office support both co-working and focus tasks. The preconstruction and construction processes also went very smoothly, due to close collaboration between all our project teams. 

Capturing the personality of the Chicago workplace 

​​Despite budget and schedule considerations, we met both requirements and delivered a workplace that matched the design renderings, resulting in a very happy client. The new space aligns with Kennedys' brand and values, while also creating an inclusive environment where associates and clients can come together. The downsizing of space did not cause a loss of functionality, but rather resulted in a well-designed, well-utilized office. The design incorporates the unique personality of the Chicago location, providing a friendly and humble experience for all who enter it.​ 

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​​Chicago IL, USA​








Kennedys woman in collaborative space
Kennedys people in conference room with view
Kennedys open office space
Kennedys woman working in private office room
Kennedys conference room

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