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KPMG, Ignition Center

KPMG's new London Ignition Center delivers the 'wow' effect from start to finish.

Downstream and KPMG worked together to ensure the new Ignition Center would be a place of innovation and collaboration to unlock digital transformation.

Design to inspire

Downstream created a space to reflect and advance Ignition's brand identity. This meant delivering a dynamic design that engages clients in new and unexpected ways. It was important to present an environment that highlighted co-creation, lasting change and design-led thinking, with messaging to support this vision.

Bringing brand to life through immersive storytelling

Downstream developed an experiential brand language of fixed and digital features to guide visitors through the Ignition journey. Through moments of art, brand storytelling, and technology, KPMG’s vision came to life. The center's features include:

  • A large LED video wall that delivers the initial 'wow' moment, welcoming guests through the lobby. Motion-tracking-visuals intrigue visitors right from the start of their Ignition journey


  • A warm reception space for socializing and content sharing on a welcome screen
  • Branded motion graphics that act as both a media backdrop and key messaging center
  • An immersive presentation room called the Showcase Zone where customers are introduced to the Ignition process
  • An experiential zone which translates into an abstract world map, encouraging human participation and highlighting highlights Ignition Centers worldwide

Redefining the physical space

The Ignition Center’s design showcases the physical environment as a working tool, not just a finished product. It promotes inclusion and encourages teams to think with open minds and color outside the box. Users of the space need to feel relaxed to share their ideas and understand that problem-solving and creation is often messy, but necessary to innovate and deliver enduring business value. 


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London, England





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