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62 Buckingham Gate, Landsec

With a goal to improve visitor experience in their property’s reception, Landsec wanted a multi-functional space for everyone.

Landsec is the largest commercial property development and investment company in the UK. They’re currently undergoing a portfolio review to enhance visitor experience in each of their offices and bring the reception  areas to life.

Landsec’s offices at Buckingham Gate is located within a highly prestigious building filled with high quality features, so we wanted to continue the look and feel throughout the space. To keep a clean and sophisticated look, we used a soft palette throughout, using warm colours in the furniture and timber within joinery to add warmth.

The reception came with a double height space and existing hard surfaces which naturally produced acoustic challenges. To overcome this, we installed a specially designed circular acoustic raft suspended from the ceiling that sat  directly above the newly installed informal meeting space. This helped sound to be absorbed rather than echoed throughout the reception.

In order to get the best possible use of each space, we introduced a variety of functional areas for multiple purposes such as informal meetings, a tea and coffee station and a waiting area for those invited to meetings. Each space had its own set of colours to further separate the areas and its functionality.

We created a multi-functional bespoke bench that can be utilised by staff and clients, as a quick touchdown space when coming into the building. The bench can also provide an area for external vendors, commissioned by Landsec, to come and display/sell products for charity.

Plants were used throughout the space as decoration and to improve wellness, overall health and to assist in creating head space for team members to clear their minds before meetings.

The result was welcoming, dynamic space that has become a new and improved reception for Landsec’s portfolio.

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62 Buckingham Gate, Landsec



London, UK








London, UK

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