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Multi-Cloud Services Provider

Multi-Cloud Services Provider's new home brings teams together in a flexible and experiential work environment.

A functional and flexible space to bring teams together

Leading multi-cloud services provider accelerates digital innovation for apps and enables flexibility and choice for their clients. Founded on solving businesses' toughest challenges through disruptive technology, today they continue to cultivate a culture of innovation where curiosity meets execution.

Having recently joined forces with an agile software consulting firm to further enhance customers’ modern application journeys, our client was looking for a space partner who could help them reconfigure their Beaverton workplace, quickly and within budget, while meeting their goals.

Enhancing work environment to enable seamless collaboration

Having worked with this client before, they felt comfortable partnering with us to deliver their turnkey solution, knowing that we understand their needs and vision. Their existing space needed to be repurposed to seamlessly integrate existing staff with new team members. We worked with their stakeholders to outline a space concept within their programmatic guidelines that would facilitate collaboration and allow them to informally interact.

We upgraded their café for multipurpose use like catering events, townhalls, and socializing, and expanded their game and wellness area for connecting with peers. Workstations are strategically placed to be close to plug-in power, and portable whiteboards in the open work areas enable flexibility and casual working sessions. Integrated technology throughout the space blends digital and analogue for easy collaboration. Features like a floor-to-ceiling mural of the Oregon landscape throughout the office incorporates the local environment and blue accents bring the company’s brand to life in the office.

A trusted approach that delivers an elevated work experience

The completed workplace creates an experience for all staff and gives them a space to grow and flex as needed. Because of our trusted partnership with the client, they were able to make decisions confidently, knowing we would deliver a quality space to meet their needs. Our one team approach allowed us to be flexible and work within budget to meet their deadlines. Our client is happy with the completed space and excited to bring all staff into their enhanced workspace.

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Multi-Cloud Services Provider



Beaverton, OR, USA






Multi-cloud services provider neighborhood
Multi-cloud services provider cafe
Multi-cloud services provider open workspace 1
Multi-cloud services provider focus room
Multi-cloud services provider open workspace
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Multi-cloud services provider open workspace detail
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Multi-cloud services provider meeting space

Multi-Cloud Services Provider,
Beaverton, OR, USA

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