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Multinational software services company

Multinational software services company’s new workplace fosters collaboration and creates integrated client experiences.

San Francisco-based multinational software and services company is known for their unique approach to software development, and their progressive way of working with clients to provide cloud platform hosting and consulting services. They were looking for a new workplace for their Denver location that could support their future growth and customer-focused application journeys.  

From the beginning, our team collaborated closely with the decision-making team to help them envision their new workspace and achieve their business goals. To support both staff’s project-based work and clients frequenting the office for periods of time, some of the key focuses included common space to connect, secure project rooms to ideate, and flexibility to adjust to different work styles. We thoughtfully planned spaces and paths of travel with a focus on embedding their brand and creating experiences in a fluid and human-centric layout.

The company’s completed space creates a sense of inclusiveness and belonging, bringing in local landscape with blue and green colors, custom wooden detailing outlining the mountains, and views overlooking downtown Denver. As you walk into the workplace, a large multi-purpose café and board room line either side of the reception providing elements of hospitality for events, office stand-ups, and client meetings. Acoustically sound neighborhoods line the exterior, providing various seating options and spaces for collaboration and play, while various reconfigurable team rooms offer secure and private places to support their evolving client base.  

Our integrated approach enabled us to complete the project on time despite challenges with the building and coordinating decisions with stakeholders in different locations. The local team loves the new space, calling it “thoughtful, beautiful, and practical.”

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Multinational software services company



Denver, CO, USA







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Multinational Software Services Company
Denver, CO, USA

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