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  • 790 sqm
  • Europe

Spain, Madrid

  • Design
  • Delivery
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Compact and powerful, PayPal looked to relocate their growing local team, working with us to design a dynamic space they could call home whilst echoing the local beauty and vivacious nature of Madrid.

Having collaborated on previous projects together in Europe and further abroad, PayPal partnered with us as a preferred consultant to design a new office for their Spanish team.

Fostering and supporting opportunities for future growth, the new office is located in a landmark building called Torre Picasso, one of the existing and renowned taller towers in central Madrid. The positioning of this building within the commercial complex along de Paseo de la Castellana strengthens PayPal’s local placement in the Madrid market.

The client wished to create a space which would represent the local beauty of Madrid, and would provide multiple work options for their team. The design demonstrated a warm colour palette and used natural materiality where possible.

The palette was further enlivened with playful manifestation and wall graphics created by local artists of key buildings and iconic attractions.

A flexible selection of workstyles were created so team members could vary the way they complete tasks.

We incorporated multiple meeting rooms accommodating 4, 6, and 10 people, quiet rooms, a teapoint and breakout space, as well as a wellness room. Softer collaboration areas include high-back booths and lounge space for informal meetings or quieter independent work.

Our deep understanding of PayPal’s corporate guidelines and business requirements enabled us to understand the changes involved with their office relocation in Madrid, whilst still being able to design a unique space, ultimately leading to a dynamic environment their employees could call home in Madrid.

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