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PwC Workplace of the Future

Bringing technology and experience design together.

Creating a destination experience with integrated and personalized technologies
PwC brings the power of its global network of firms to help their Australian and Singaporean businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and governments assess their performance and improve the way they work. 

Downstream created a 'Signature Experience' for PwC's clients by incorporating integrated and personalized technologies. The new client experience elevates the PwC brand by building relationships, and leveraging PwC’s global purpose 'to build trust in society and solve important problems.'  

Provoking conversation and immersing clients in the workplace of the future
Downstream designed and developed an ecosystem of experiences to provide deep user engagement and content delivery through adaptive personalization and proximity detection technologies. The experiences include a Welcome Wall, Waterfall, Media Fountain, Innovation Pool, and Mobile App. Both functional and experiential, the spaces provoke conversation while authentically immersing clients in the workplace of the future.  

Showing commitment to innovation, technology, and client engagement
These 'Signature Experiences' have helped PwC shift from a curator to a creator of rich media experiences. As they continue to evolve, the spaces have demonstrated a timely commitment to innovation, technology, and client engagement. 

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Brisbane, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; and Singapore



Concept Development 

Back-End Development 

Environmental Design 

User Experience 



Creative Direction 

Information Architecture 

Technology Systems Design 

Front-End Development 

Data Visualization 



"We wanted the technology to serve our desire to look after our clients, rather than to showcase who we are."

Joseph Carrozzi, Market Managing Partner, PwC

People connecting and interacting with one another an technology.

Expectations are set for an extraordinary visitor experience via a future forward check in process, complemented with rich graphics and messaging, animated on a unique interactive digital canvas. 

Man looking at digital screen.

Next generation digital totems bring interactive maps, events and polls to life. Predicative logic: The user is automatically directed to their meeting room as Media Fountain cross-checks the time and meeting calendar. 

People interacting with touchscreen technology.

A visually layered cascade of rich, interactive content encourages exploration and sharing in a delightful, immersive and personalized way. 

Man interacting with technology screen.

Visitors are immersed into a high-tech sensory environment where they can explore and interact with the very latest emerging technologies and PwC partner innovations. 

People in meeting room with touchscreens.

A one-of-a-kind presentation environment with advanced AV and VC control, presentation tools and flexible display capabilities that help deliver immersive, high impact presentations. 

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