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  • 70,000 sqft
  • Asia Pacific

Australia, Melbourne

  • Design
  • Delivery

An agile and collaborative space for QIC to welcome their clients and inspire their team.

The Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) is a government-owned investment company which delivers optimum long-term investment outcomes for their clients. As an international investment firm, they sought to create a workplace that aligned with their level of service, and client-focused business ethos, while celebrating Australian products and materials.

QIC engaged Unispace to deliver a workplace that would house QIC’s multiple business groups in one space located at 80 Collins Street, Melbourne. Having previously worked with Unispace to complete works in their Brisbane Head Office, QIC understood Unispace’s methodology. The Melbourne office was approached as a test case for future QIC offices both nationally and globally. The goal was to create a vision for QIC’s future way of working.

QIC wanted to bring their teams together, moving them from fixed desks within two siloed and underutilized floorplates and uniting the various business divisions.

Workshops and utilisation studies provided Unispace with detailed data to support the QIC executive team in determining a business case to move forward with an agile working model. The space utilisation studies helped the team gain a deeper understanding of their existing workplaces, work styles and functions, which we delivered in an in-depth recommendation report. The report outlined discrepancies between QIC’s current meeting and work setting provision. Their existing workplace provided a variety of settings however these were not aligned or conducive to the tasks or activities being undertaken by staff while in the office.

The new workspace brings the team together and accommodates all divisions of the QIC brand. The color palette helps the team feel at home, using light timbers, warm blues, and greens. The palette is consistent across all spaces, allowing for a harmonious journey through the workplace.

The centralized social spaces provide for cross-pollination opportunities between groups and encourages staff to move freely between work styles that match their task or activities. They are never too far from a quiet room, meeting room or collaboration space providing the team with choice.

There is a natural flow from the breakout spaces to the front-end client spaces, these interconnecting spaces are flexible allowing for intimate events or large-scale functions.

Material and supplier selections for the project were driven by an interest in supporting local suppliers, sustainability considerations and the desire to ensure longevity. The finishes, bespoke furniture and artwork were primarily sourced from Melbourne based makers and artists.

Despite the challenges presented by Victoria’s multiple lockdowns, QIC’s award winning workplace was delivered according to the project timelines with Dean Paxton, Head of Facilities & Corporate Real Estate saying:

“Under the lockdown circumstances and uncertain times, it’s just great to stand back and look at what has been achieved.”

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