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Quintessential Equity

From the moment the lift doors open at Quintessential Equity, there is an immediate sense of a friendly, collegiate professional property group, one that invests in its people and has an eye for detail.

Quintessential Equity is a diversified property group with a key business focus on regenerating buildings in the commercial and industrial sectors. Over the past few years their profile in the market has increased significantly and their team has expanded to outgrow their existing Melbourne office. 

The aspiration for Quintessential Equity’s new workplace was to enhance collaboration and support a flexible working environment for the entire team, while demonstrating the fresh energy Quintessential Equity is bringing to the Australian property market.

Their new workplace needed to be welcoming with an industrial look and strong branding. The brief was to create an open and welcoming reception area, increase the space for focus and collaboration, and introduce formal meeting areas to provide greater choice.

Through a two-phased occupied refurbishment, we worked with their team to design a workplace that reflects their  Melbourne heritage. 

Quintessential Equity’s new workplace provides their clients with a hint of what it’s like to work with them, while the design is a subtle nod to the type of developments they typically invest in and develop. 

A bold visual display of branding through the large neon ’Q’ captures your attention as you enter the new workplace. This is also a reference back to the newly refurbished iconic signs throughout Melbourne such as the Pelaco and Skipping Girl Vinegar neon signs.

For Quintessential Equity there was no better representation of being a part of Melbourne than what was around them; from the Melbourne gardens and plane trees on Collins Street, to the sounds from the trams on the street. These elements and vistas influenced the configuration and materiality of the office space without any need for cliché laneways or graffiti walls.

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Quintessential Equity



Melbourne, Australia





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Quintessential Equity,
Melbourne, Australia

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