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Las Vegas Raiders, Preview Center

An unforgettable visitor experience that welcomes the Raiders, a team rooted in history, to Las Vegas.

Celebrating the Raiders' history while introducing the team to their new home.     

One of America’s most storied franchises is moving to the Entertainment Capital of the World. 

The Raiders Are Coming. A franchise with so much history, tradition, and identity rooted in a city is moving to a new destination. How do you celebrate the history of the Raiders and introduce the team to an entire new city, community, and fan base? We took this opportunity to utilize an array of disciplines both digital and physical to craft an unforgettable visitor experience and a valuable sales tool for the organization. 

Visitors can explore interactive displays and memorabilia that channel the franchise's spirit. 

The Raiders turned to Downstream to channel the spirit and essence of the franchise and sell tickets and premium inventory. The public facing areas of the center allow guests to take self-guided tours and explore the history of the Raiders through videos, never before seen artifacts and social media engagements. Within the Preview Center visitors explore interactive displays and memorabilia from the team’s nearly sixty-year history, including the three Super Bowl trophies. The over nine-foot tall Raider Nation Wall lets fans get to know more about their favorite Raider players on and off the field. A highly-detailed scale model of the stadium, as well as the mock suite with immersive 3D views, offer potential customers a look into the future and a whole new era of Raider football. 

A museum-like experience that connects potential customers and partners with the Raiders franchise.

The Las Vegas Raiders Preview Center is one of the first public and private sales centers with a museum-like experience that is rich and deep in storytelling and brand immersion. The mix of physical and digital experiences bring the new stadium to life for potential customers and partners. The unique celebrations of Raiders culture and history enhance the sales process by connecting the incredible spirit of the franchise and its fans to their new home. 

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Las Vegas Raiders



​Las Vegas, NV, USA​



Concept Development

User Experience 

Front-End Development 

Brand Strategy 

Art Direction 


Motion Graphics 


Back-End Development 

Environmental Design 


Interior Design 

Technology System Design 

Revenue & Sales Strategy 


"Here we have an ability to show the history and the greatness of the Raiders, both in its past and its future."

Marc Badain, Team President


The preview center is situated in the heart of Town Square, right off historic Las Vegas Boulevard. 


Floor-to-ceiling immersive video sets the stage for a dynamic experience in the preview center. 


An Al Davis tribute meets all visitors through video and artifacts. 


Raiders memorabilia and artifacts immerse visitors into the rich history of the franchise. Categorized by great moments, great players, and great coaches. 


The Raider Nation Interactive Wall provides an immersive and informative experience for visitors. Visitors can explore the player roster, and engage with important moments and stories that showcase a rich Raiders’ history in Oakland. 


The Holocube display is a fully integrated, 3D projection video platform that allows users to virtually explore stadium seating and premium spaces. 


Visitors have the opportunity to engage with the team and 'Join Raider Nation' by taking a photo at the photo booth and uploading to social media directly from the kiosks. 


The stadium model is an exact replica of the new Raiders Stadium. The backdrop represents view of the Las Vegas strip from the stadium. 


A timeline that displays the evolution of Las Vegas greets visitors on the second floor. 


A mock suite provides a view into Raiders stadium, featuring furniture, fixtures and premium amenities available at the new stadium. 


The Raiders' three super bowl trophies are displayed to make an impactful statement about the legacy of the franchise. The trophies are positioned just outside the closing rooms of the sales center. 


An aggregated social media Wall provides fans the opportunity to provide content to the final exit of the preview center. 

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