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Rigby Cooke Lawyers

Forward-thinking law firm Rigby Cooke Lawyers didn’t want their staff stuck in silos anymore. With its new flexible and sustainable workspace, the team is set for the future.

One of Melbourne’s oldest commercial law firms, Rigby Cooke Lawyers provides specialist ‘real world’ legal expertise to public and private sector clients across Australia.

When the team relocated to its new address at Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, it decided to take a new approach to workplace design – one that matched the evolution of the Rigby Cooke brand and accounted for the changing nature of work in the legal sector.

We ran the project from strategy to construction management, leading a process that flattened out the hierarchy of traditional legal workplaces and laid the foundation for future change and development.

We learned through workshops that the old siloed legal workplace was out. For Rigby Cooke Lawyers to reach their business goals, connectedness was key and our open plan design supports both focused and collaborative work.

Breakout spaces and meeting rooms are now in high ratio to adjacent private office space so staff can choose the work environment best suited to their task, and easily move between them. Windows let natural light pour in, creating a more open space for staff and clients. And a modular office component in the floorplan lets Rigby Cooke Lawyers organically adjust their space as they move into the future, creating a flexible work environment that is sustainable for the long term. The design also reduces the need to rely on paper by 60 per cent, in a more fluid and mobile work environment.

The physical and visual connectivity between areas has encouraged interaction and enhanced information flow. Staff are reinvigorated in their modern, vibrant new workplace.

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Rigby Cooke Lawyers



Melbourne, Australia







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Rigby Cooke Lawyers,
Melbourne, Australia

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