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Slate Magazine

Our design for Slate Magazine’s New York workplace helps unite staff and promote ideas as the publication moves to a space it can finally call its own.

Slate Magazine is a daily online, general interest and current affairs publication that offers a witty take on politics, news, business, technology and culture. Slate is headquartered in New York City, with additional offices in Washington, DC.  

Slate initially shared space in Greenwich Village with other organisations under their holding company’s umbrella. Relegated to a basement and unable to physically represent their publication’s unique voice, the staff was disenfranchised and lacked the inspiration necessary to fuel their work. The move to an amenity-rich location in Brooklyn offered a unique opportunity for Slate’s team to make this workplace, unlike their last, truly its own.

To help foster a formerly lacking sense of community and ownership, our designers centered the space around a communal hub that not only acts as a place to come together and have lunch, but also facilitates meetings, social events and client engagements.

Slate’s sister company, Panopoly shares this space and we made sure that its podcast studios and work areas were accessible to the hub to add to the workplace’s energy.

Slate elected to transition from private offices to an entirely open plan. This cultural shift removes hierarchal barriers to nurture collaboration and initiative while leaving room for future growth. Although the new plan decreases desk size, our design incorporates a plethora of meeting solutions from open standing tables to glass-fronted meeting spaces that vary from individual phone booths to medium and large conference rooms.

Working with a tight budget, our team turned to inexpensive but ingenious solutions such as boldly painted accents and plywood cut into intricate patterns to create visual interest without the cost. 

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Slate Magazine



New York NY, USA






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Slate Magazine,
New York, NY, USA

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