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Following Smith+Nephew’s newly developed global guidelines, Unispace has created a contemporary and fresh corporate workplace in Milan that embodies their values of collaboration and innovation.

Project brief 
S+N’s previous office in Milan did not align with their other workplaces, or the fast-evolving needs of the modern workforce. They decided they needed a brand-new workplace to address these issues. In their quest for an ideal space, S+N had two main objectives: they wanted to strengthen their Italian presence by relocating to the heart of Milan, while simultaneously providing a prime workplace with easy access to local amenities for attracting and retaining talent. 

Aligning with S+N’s global branding strategy 
The first focus was ensuring an on-brand workplace. S+N’s new global branding strategy embodies their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and patient-centred care. By drawing inspiration from their strong brand foundation, we have brought their brand identity to life across the space. 

A variety of environments for collaboration and concentration  
To create a workplace that would attract and retain talent, the next focus was establishing a more collaborative environment that catered to every team’s needs. Our design team remodelled the floor layout to provide a more open plan space with a mixture of work typologies. Social tables, high back sofas, and pouffes are placed strategically, offering alternative seating options for employees and visitors. We also created a variety of connection spaces, such as booths, huddle rooms and formal meeting rooms, enabling effective collaboration among staff from different teams. To support privacy, a phone booth and concentration pod have also been incorporated into the design. 

Delivery excellence 
Working with S+N’s global leadership and branding teams meant effective communication throughout the delivery stage was vital. Using our advanced technology solutions, such as OpenSpace, we were able to stay connected and collaborate easily throughout. It allowed us to work as one team across multiple locations to easily track the project progress virtually on a week-by-week basis and address any issues promptly. 

Achieving Brand ambitions 
Leveraging the success of our previous partnerships, we have created another workplace in the S+N portfolio. Our consistent and flexible approach to S+N’s workplace requirements has created yet another engaging environment, fostering a sense of belonging and unity for their employees worldwide and bringing to life their company values. 

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