760 sqm
8,220 sqft


StepStone’s luminous new workplace is nestled in the iconic redevelopment of St James’ Market in central London, providing a re-energised, light-filled platform for their finance focused teams to make critical business decisions.

Located on the sixth floor of No. 2 St James’ Market, financial company StepStone partnered with our team to create a re-energised workplace for their London team. Comprising 760sqm of new build space, the workplace is filled with natural light and holds key views overlooking central London landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and the London Eye.

StepStone creates customised portfolios for many of the world’s most sophisticated investors using a disciplined, research-focused approach that prudently integrates primaries, secondaries and co-investments. By bringing the outside in, the StepStone London workplace is filled with biophilia. Planting delineates open work zones and casual meeting areas, sectioning smaller focus areas without compromising the open plan with dividing walls. 

In reception, a combination of timber and leather materials create a professional yet warm environment in which to welcome clients and guests.  The StepStone logo is etched into the concrete wall behind the reception desk to subtly incorporate branding, which is noticed immediately upon arrival. 

Transparent glass walls sectioning neighbouring meeting rooms help create a seamless flow of circulation and the illusion of a larger space. Soft seating and alcoves are incoprorated to create zones for informal meetings. 

The open plan work area caters for 60 staff at dedicated workstations, with each having the option of sit-to-stand functionality enhancing employee wellbeing. The breakout space and kitchen caters for 20 seated people at any given time. The boardroom seats up to 14 staff with additional soft benching around the perimeter. 

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