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T. Marzetti

Modernizing a 20-year-old facility to create T. Marzetti's first ever research and development lab dedicated to innovation and collaborative thinking.

T. Marzetti Company is a specialty foods supplier to restaurants, food service customers, as well as several retailers.  Committed to creating the best products for their customers through real ingredients, they are best known for their salad dressings and other specialty brand items.

The Marzetti team was looking to advance their product development in a facility that provided space for collaborating with clients, while meeting their everyday work styles. Activities ranged from  phone calls and meetings with customers to creating signature products in the kitchen labs. 

Moving into a facility that had not been renovated in 20 years, with a current space that was overcrowded, T. Marzetti found our full methodology to be integral for the transformation of the space. We held workshops and focus groups with their employees, and performed perimeter scans tailored to food industry trends  to provide high-level test fits before design.

The research facility is split in half, one part dedicated to collaborative thinking and increasing corporate interaction. The other is custom-made for the culinary and food safety experts to develop and test new products with clients in a professional kitchen lab setting. The design represents T. Marzetti’s brand with earthy tones reflecting the all-natural ingredients found in their products. High ceilings and large windows, along with flexible workstations and various conference rooms give an open and airy feel, while accommodating future staff growth.

The product development teams from both side of the business are now able to work more closely with one another all in one multi-functional facility.  Additionally, they are now able to host multiple client groups for meetings or collaborations. The new space is now representative of the excellence in quality that T. Marzetti creates, bringing them to a whole new level.

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T. Marzetti



Columbus, OH, USA





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T. Marzetti,
Columbus, OH, USA

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