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Virgin Media

Virgin Media collaborated with our team at Unispace to refresh the client-facing entrance to its Dublin Headquarters; transforming it from a reception space, into a hub that truly connects.

We re-interpreted the atrium to create a dynamic and welcoming space that would showcase Virgin Media’s brand values. The project scope included main entrance, reception, seating area, informal meeting zone, tea point and planting. The design concept was centred on creating a connection hub rather than a reception space; a tech-heavy space surrounded by touch screens and digital elements that allows visitors to connect with the brand. 

The aim was to introduce purpose and brand values into this space and integrate them with new technology, finishes and a reinvigorated approach to this often overlooked area of the workplace. 

We envisaged the space as a connection hub where customers and staff can share experiences and knowledge, somewhere to meet, collaborate, relax & have fun; a re-invention of reception space from somewhere visitors pass through to a place that helps define the brand and its approach to business. 

There were four key brand principles the design had to reflect – “insatiable curiosity”, “delightfully surprise”, “red hot” and “smart disruption”.  To convey ‘Insatiable curiosity’; we introduced connection points where staff and visitors can meet, share ideas, get inspiration. 

The design facilitated the use of the space in a different way approaching the high ceiling of the atrium by introducing vertical lighting.

To “delightfully surprise” we created an area that delineated between different spaces without the use of walls, simply by furniture, lighting or design elements.  The connection hub surprises by flagging project information and demonstrating proprietary technology.  It is ‘red hot’ through the creation of a “live” customer experience via touch screen engagement and projections that bring the brand to life. 

And it evokes ‘smart disruption’ by re-shaping reception space as a meeting room, event space and place for engagement rather than a waiting room and faceless entry point.  This is a place to be social, and feel welcome, to share and collaborate. 

Virgin Media’s colour palette was applied to walls, finishes, flooring, furniture and bespoke joinery elements - providing a unique, contemporary feel that celebrates clients, employees and the brand culture. However, we wanted to represent the brand not just by colours, logos or finishes. The design brings the brand to life by integrating Virgin Media’s values & purposes via a collaborative, playful and interesting space that appeals to customer and co-workers. 

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Virgin Media



Dublin, Ireland







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Virgin Media,
Dublin, Ireland

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