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VMware, Discovery Center

VMware’s Discovery Center allows visitors to curate their own experience as they learn more about their offerings worldwide.

Re-inventing the briefing center experience for their needs around
the world
In 2017 VMware began to reimagine its briefing center experience. Driven by the need to address their growing needs worldwide, the discovery centers showcase their leading technology enterprise solutions. 

An interactive experience that showcases VMware's technology and capabilities
Re-named the VMware Discovery Center, the new customer experience provides a more interactive and collaborative approach to customer visits. Enabled by flexible and integrated platforms built on VMware's technology, the space gives VMware a more robust, personalized approach to content and storytelling. 

The Possibility Wall is an interactive piece that senses when people are nearby and encourages them to interact as they walk by. Once users engage with the interactive wall, they can explore facts and short stories about VMware's company culture, innovation, and values. 

Downstream also designed a real-time data wall that is a dynamic projection map that overlays live data source feeds onto regions of the globe—connecting users to VMware partners worldwide and providing more information on their global reach. A third experience is the Cloud Immersion Room which features large digital platforms that immerse visitors in content and storytelling. These platforms create an ecosystem that gives visitors an on-demand experience and access to a vast database of assets across markets. 

An interactive experience that connects customers to VMware's global knowledge
The curated experience begins when visitors check-in and create a profile that includes topics and areas of interest. As visitors go through the space they can interact with various elements to dig deeper into VMware's offerings. The result is a highly personalized experience that immerses visitors into VMware's story. Downstream delivered the Discovery Center in Palo Alto, California and then implemented smaller versions in Asia.

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Palo Alto CA, USA; Tokyo, Japan; and Singapore



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