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Warner Music Group

Understanding every day is all about the music, we created a bright, nurturing workplace hitting all the notes for Warner Music Group’s artists, songwriters and employees to thrive.

Whilst embracing a unique collection of world-renowned companies with distinct cultures, Warner Music Group embodies one unifying principle: it's all about the music. 

It is the mission of every member of the WMG team to create a nurturing environment for artists, songwriters and fellow employees at every stage of their career. In Milan, the office based in the Piazza della Repubblica, wasn't reflecting this ethos.

With an existing layout defined by a central corridor containing enclosed offices, it wasn't maximising the space, siloing teams and preventing a real opportunity to connect. It also neglected the extensive views of the city.

With this in mind, we went back to the drawing board. By focusing on removing cellular spaces and opening up the floorplate with flexible work settings, the new workplace promotes a greater ease of interaction. 

A large, airy space along the central circulation area, is connected to the upper floor through tiered seating and a staircase.  A new meeting room for 14 people was established, as well as a small recording studio. The exposed ceiling flows across the layout, allowing staff and visitors to experience the complexity and character of the building. Large windows take in surrounding views of Milan. 

Around the workstation benches, lighting fixtures hang together along with panels in sound-absorbing fabric to improve acoustic comfort. The large open space presents tracks with reconfigurable spotlights echoing the atmosphere backstage at live concerts.

WMG now have a space that realises its full potential, with both staff and artists having an environment that inspires them to collaborate and innovate.

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Warner Music Group



Milan, Italy







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Warner Music Group,
Milan, Italy

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