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Introducing: Returning for Good

Unispace Global Workplace Insights report highlighting findings from 16,000+ employees and employers across 17 markets globally about how and where we do our best work. 
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In The Report
Returns to the workplace
are becoming the norm
As the habits and motivations of the workforce continue to evolve, how can employers ensure the workplace has a purpose tailored to their employees? 

Key takeaways

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Are employers listening to their most important asset?

Findings indicate there is a fundamental disconnect between what employees need and value most in a work environment and what employers are providing today. 

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Returning for Good report
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The workplace is here to stay

The workplace is here to stay, but the traditional models aren’t cutting it. Employers must incentivize their people to reconnect them to the office. 

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Collaborative workplace
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Create a workplace people want to come into

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