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Building resilience: workplaces that embrace the unknown

At this year’s WORKTECH ’23 Conference  in Auckland (New Zealand), Unispace Principal, Strategy & Innovation, Lena Mueller, and Principal, Design, Darcy Utting, were keynote speakers. The duo shared their new research and insights on Unispace’s new Resilient Workplace model. 

With a focus on sharing innovative ideas and inspiration, WORKTECH brought together professionals from a variety of sectors and specialties to share their insights on the future of work and workplace.  


Key themes included:  

  • Challenges, emerging trends, and what’s on the horizon for the future of work 
  • The workplace experience, new technologies, and how to create destination offices 
  • The impact of the workplace on culture, engagement, and well-being   

In our session, Lena and Darcy shared with attendees why leaders need to make real estate decisions to future-proof their workplace and how the workplace can be the driver for organizational success.  

Resilient workplaces, resilient people, resilient businesses 

In today’s world, workplaces face a lot of challenges that can affect businesses and their people. Navigating unknowns like economic downturns, natural disasters, and pandemics can be stressful and disruptive for everyone. Workplaces that can adapt and recover quickly while keeping their human-centric nature can better support employee well-being, organizational culture, and improve business productivity and continuity. 

The Resilient Workplace model 

Using a diagnostic tool with integrated design translation, our Resilient Workplace model looks at six resilience drivers around diversity and inclusion, values and culture, agility, productivity and innovation, and collaboration and community to understand a client’s performance across these outlined factors and their priority areas.  

We'll assess the client’s workplace and outline priorities to focus on in their workplace project. This enables us to create the client's desired outcomes and a highly engaged workforce.   

As the first of its kind, the Resilient Workplace has already been successful with clients, with post-occupancy employee feedback registering 100% belief in the workplace supporting employee wellbeing, 97% agreement on employee sense of pride, and 95%+ of daily utilization.  

Interested in learning more? Connect with a strategy specialist to learn how the Resilient Workplace model can be applied to your next workplace project.  

About Lena Mueller, Principal, Strategy & Innovation

Lena Mueller, Principal, Strategy & InnovationLena is a global citizen - an international manager with over 13 years experience in managing large and complex business transformation projects across the globe and in various industries. She has worked on four continents leading multi-national teams since 2011. She has worked in the commercial interior design, legal, automotive, aviation, payment, and financial services industries. Today, Lena brings learnings from these experiences and her passion for people-centric innovation and change to her role in leading workplace strategy projects at Unispace.


Connect with Lena on LinkedIn.

About Darcy Utting, Senior Principal, Design

Darcy Utting, Principal, DesignAs Senior Principal, Design at Unispace, Darcy heads up the New Zealand design team. With over 18 years’ experience in the industry, Darcy is an exceptional, award-winning designer and has worked
across multiple sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand. He is passionate about creating destinations that bring people together and facilitates a culture of collaboration and excellence. Darcy’s portfolio includes projects for BNZ, Arup and Dentons.


Connect with Darcy on LinkedIn.