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Surviving and thriving in the Covid-19 recession: Expert advice to propel your workplace into the future

In the recession series, we’ve taken an in-depth look at recessions, the impact on the real estate market, and ways to de-risk your portfolio so you can not only survive our current economic situation, but thrive during it. Now, in our final article, we share ways you can reconfigure your office space, build a strong workplace strategy for the future, and craft a business case for your board.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we drew on our expert thought leaders, our experience, and workplace data to support our clients with a new workplace framework for the future. Propeller, is a strategy-led solution, creating the perfect blend of office-based working and home-based working to deliver greater engagement, productivity and innovation. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why Propeller’s model is flexible and backed by data to make sure your strategy is customized to fit your business needs.

How did we develop Propeller? Thanks to our global experience working with large multi-nationals at the highest levels, we know the pressures on real-estate teams, Human Resources and People & Culture, and C-suite. Our deep knowledge of their strategic needs, workplace insights across different industries, and the real estate market has enabled us to help our clients manage the effects of the economic downturn. Below, we’ve gathered our key tips, advice, and findings to help you successfully propel your workplace forward in a post-pandemic world:

  • Strategic decision-making
  • Post-Covid-19 ways of working
  • Culture in the post-Covid-19 workplace
  • How you can use your space in future

Strategic decision-making

With so many unknowns, getting your workplace strategy right can be a daunting task. We’ve outlined several articles that can help you get buy-in from your key stakeholders and develop a strategy that is unique to you needs.

Workplace Execs – now is your moment to shine. Get your workplace strategy right
The current economic environment may have caused pressure deliver a workplace solution for the future. But the flip-side of risk is opportunity – so we’re here to help you nail your future office strategy.

Putting the evidence behind your future office strategy
A beautiful workplace also needs to be effective and inspirational. Data can help ensure your workplace is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In a recession, effectiveness and being able to attract and inspire talent are more crucial than ever.

Build a seriously compelling business case for your future workplace
When the balance sheets are tight, creating a strategy that achieves your business goals, while keep your bottom on positive can be challenging. A well thought out, evidence-based strategy can help you prepare for the future and get your decision makers on board.

Post-Covid-19 ways of working

The pandemic has transformed the way people work, and the workplace will need to adjust to reflect the new working environment. But how? In the articles below, we answer this question and explore ways to encourage your people to come back into the office and participate in a significant way.

How Covid-19 has transformed the ‘destination workplace’
With home-working likely to remain popular, for many, collaboration and innovation has taken a hit – the last thing you need in a recession. Transform the way you think about your workplace to help your people show up and stay engaged.

Covid-19 is taking us from ABW to experience-based working
If economic pressure has led you to downsize, it’s important to inspire people through curated experiences, keeping your people happy and engaged and your business thriving.

The death, or merely the re-birth, of activity-based working?
The recession has caused companies to look at different ways to cost save, but is switching from hot-desking to fixed spaces the best approach? Our thought leaders outlined nimble and agile ways executives can respond to the new flexible nature of work.

Culture in the post-Covid-19 workplace

Maintaining culture remains at the forefront of executives’ mind as many businesses continue to operate mostly remote. Tying culture and brand into your workplace strategy can keep employee motivation and engagement strong when mental health and well-being are being challenged.

Culture shock
270 executives around the world told us culture is a major concern. When times are tough, and your teams are balancing remote and in-office working, how can you maintain and build company culture?

Tailoring your office strategy to your industry
Recessions can force some major workplace changes. While you’re re-evaluating your office strategy, how can you ensure your revised workplace capacity, space and budget meet the needs of people in your particular industry?

Overcoming problems with the post-M&A workplace
When times are tight, mergers and acquisitions are a popular route to growth. But it can be tricky to successfully marry the businesses while supporting brand identity and culture. Creating a harmonious environment is a key to their joint success.

How you’ll use your space in future

2020 has forced business of all size to look at their workplace strategy, with space being a major consideration. Executives are tasked with finding ways to best use space that contributes to their recovery plans and keeps their people top of mind.

Office downsizing and cost savings – the legacy of COVID-19
In a recession, companies look for the biggest cost savings. Re-evaluating your real estate portfolio is one way to contribute to your company’s post-pandemic recovery.

The office isn’t dead. But it will be 20% smaller.
Covid-19 has shaken the world of the workplace, but the future of commercial real estate is very much alive. The office may be smaller, but how space is used and for what purpose will be key.

COVID-19 is rewriting the role of the corporate HQ
New working models have come to the forefront as companies adapt to more flexible ways of working. Many are considering a more fluid, distributed and low-cost model, blending home working with multiple smaller hubs and the use of co-working.

A playbook for your future workplace

Hopefully we’ve given you plenty to think about as you plan for your return to the office. Now is the time start carving your path forward, embracing new ways of working, and reimagining your future workplace. Connect with us to learn how Propeller can get you started in the right direction, and help you future-proof your real estate strategy.