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Change is inevitable, especially in the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces.

Written by Jianhan Qiu, Principal, Strategy, Asia

In February 2024, we embarked on a significant milestone as we transitioned to a new Creative Studio. With change comes adaptation and the need for effective change management strategies. Understanding the importance of ensuring a smooth transition and “walking-the-talk”, we initiated a post-occupancy survey and workshop to gather insights and brainstorm etiquettes for our new office environment.

Survey Insights

The post-occupancy survey provided valuable insights into the experiences and challenges encountered by employees in our new workspace. The survey also revealed 50%-85% increase in key workplace objectives metrics, which includes creating an engine for great work, building community and a creative culture, adaptivity and flexibility and supporting employee growth. 35% of our colleagues also reported spending more time in the office, with the top reasons being the ease of bouncing ideas off others, building social connections, and opportunities for mentorship and learning. While the results showed that the office fostered socialization and collaboration, it posed challenges for individual focused work due to noise and distractions in the open office setup.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-04 at 18.54.52_8ae3d25dCelebrating International Women's Day at the new Studio

Workshop Ideation

A subsequent change workshop was conducted to facilitate a safe space for employees to contribute ideas and feedback anonymously, which were then collectively voted upon. It facilitated an open dialogue where employees brainstormed suggestions for additional processes and protocols to enhance the office experience. From implementing clean desk policies to forming an events committee, the workshop generated diverse ideas aimed at improving various aspects of the workplace. Some proposed initiatives, such as designated no meeting days and establishing the materials library as a secondary quiet zone, are implemented with further observation over the coming months. This collaborative approach ensures that employee voices are heard and valued in shaping the future of the workplace environment.

IMG_4810Training and workshop for change management

Looking ahead

To ensure continuous improvement and address evolving needs, a second survey is scheduled for July 2024, after all technological installations and furniture arrangements are fully implemented. The journey towards adapting to a new office environment is not without its challenges, but with effective change management strategies and a supportive organizational culture, we’ll keep adapting to ensure a positive work environment for everyone.

MicrosoftTeams-image (53)-2Height-adjustable table and phone booth based on employee survey 

About Unispace Change Management

Change management is a process that runs from the very start of a project through to its completion. We engage with decision makers, key stakeholders and your wider teams to guide them on a journey based on each project’s individual goals. Our team of workplace strategists and change managers bring a wealth of knowledge to transform the way your people work.

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