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QIC and ServiceNow Awarded Silver at the DrivenXDesign Awards, Melbourne 2021

We’re proud to announce that QIC and ServiceNow have each been awarded Silver in the ‘Interior Design – Corporate' category at the prestigious Melbourne DrivenXDesign Awards, recognizing courageous and innovative projects from commissioning clients and design professionals.

Collaborating with our clients to bring their vision to life, both projects are standouts in terms of their people and customer-centric approach, as well as the emphasis on local materials and suppliers, creating a clear sense of place.   

QIC’s new Melbourne space 

The Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) is a government-owned investment company who deliver optimum long-term investment outcomes for their clients. QIC engaged Unispace to deliver a workplace that would house multiple business groups in a single space, creating a workplace that aligned with their high level of service and client-focused business ethos. It’s a space that empowers staff, clients and different business groups to work together.  

  • All zones of the workspace are designed to be equal, with different spaces are spread over the floor plate to ensure the worker is never too far from a quiet room, meeting room or collaboration space.  
  • There is a natural flow from the breakout spaces to the front-end client spaces, these interconnecting spaces are flexible allowing for intimate events or large-scale functions. 
  • Each staff member has a locker to facilitate agile working, and all technology is plug-and-play throughout the office, including video conferencing throughout meeting and quiet rooms. 
  • Brand is subtly implied through materials and detailing rather than logos to make the space truly universal to all QICs business groups. 

A new Melbourne home for ServiceNow 

ServiceNow, based in the US, is one of the fastest growing and most innovative software companies in the world. Having delivered multiple projects around the world, they apply their global space formula to deliver the same great experience to every employee, no matter where they live. The aim was to create a space reflective of the brand, that also connected employees to Melbourne, one that would cater to future growth and reflect company values.  

  • The space planning took reference from Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid, which forms the basis of the City’s urban planning. Like the City, the planning concept comprised of a Town Square space acting as a focal meeting point connecting people both horizontally and vertically across the two floors, with standardised modules allowing for easy transformation of spaces in the future. 
  • The materials, finishes and furniture also evoke a sense of Melbourne. The design includes local timbers, bespoke artwork, black metal work, exposed ceilings and reclaimed brick give a modern industrial feel synonymous to its host city. 
  • Huddles, quiet rooms and informal spaces allow users to select settings based on their specific needs and tasks, creating a diverse and rich palette of working styles to cater for all occasions.  

Collaboration is the key to success 

The success of both QIC and ServiceNow’s projects hinges on creating a genuine partnership with our clients and our channel partners. Both projects demonstrate how, by collaborating with the client, an integrated, cross-disciplinary team that stays engaged throughout all phases of the project will deliver an innovative, creative solution that directly responds to a client’s needs.  

Congratulations to the QIC project team:  

  • Julie Watts – Lead Designer 
  • Paige Horton – Lead Designer 
  • Glen Riemer - Delivery Project Manager 
  • Cameron Easdale – Pre-construction Project Manager 
  • Josh Billington – Technical Designer  

Congratulations to the ServiceNow project team:  

  • Lauren Wright – Lead Designer 
  • Julie Watts – Lead Designer 
  • Josh Billington – Technical Designer 
  • Sean Moylan – Delivery Project Manager 

With both the ServiceNow and QIC projects under consideration for further awards, we look forward to future recognition of these unique spaces for our team, suppliers, and the QIC and ServiceNow teams.