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The Clean Palette: Using design to reduce infection in the workplace

Flattening the curve doesn’t stop once lockdown is over.

While the world is slowly creeping back into life before COVID-19, there’s still a need to stay alert and prevent infection. Did you know that 72% of infections can be transmitted by touch? Or that the average desk holds 10 million germs? We all know the importance of ensuring employee health and safety in the workplace, but how can companies look to improve the office and restore lost confidence outside of the home?

Our design experts have created The Clean Palette, a guide that entails the best materials and hardware solutions in the workplace in order to reduce risk for your people. Studies have discovered that, for example, viruses can stay on plastic or cardboard surfaces for two to three days, whereas on copper surfaces, they only last up to four hours.

We've blended scientific fact with modern design to outsmart viruses and refresh the look of your office – it's a win-win. Discover the best solutions to update each area of the office to give you the best chance of reducing risk of infection in the workplace and maintain business continuity.


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