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The COVID-19 Scramble

With 237 executives surveyed and 35 executives interviewed across 3 global regions, we’ve assessed the ‘COVID Effect’ on the workplace of the future and what that means for businesses across the globe.

As the domino effect of COVID-19 spread across the world, Unispace’s global strategy team undertook surveys to understand the impact the pandemic was having on businesses. Using a two-pronged approach, through both interviewing, and surveying executives in leading organisations, the aim was:

  • To discover the immediate business response of various organisations in response to the demands of adhering to local government mandates/protocol; and
  • To develop a sentiment analysis regarding the impact of working from home, and how this will affect the future design, and role of the workplace.

The data uncovered enabled us to quantify the themes and ideas being floated about the future workplace and, importantly, assess the “humanity” of the experience as well.
The findings cover topics such as:

  • The impact of working from home
  • Employee sentiment about the workplace
  • The future of remote working; and
  • The value and evolution of the future workplace

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