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The right partner for a rapidly changing world

How and where work is done has changed. Companies must make smarter space decisions to meet the needs of their people, clients, and business. Learn how you can fuel organizational performance, cultural change, and support flexible working.

Creating a strategy for your workspace experience  

People are collaborative by nature; they want to come back into the physical workspace. At the same time, they don’t want to go back to the old ways of working. The reality is, pre-2019 spaces are simply not designed to support new work dynamics. Engaging employees in this new era of hybrid work can have a direct and profound impact on business goals. 

So, what is the key to creating an environment that inspires your people? Build a strategy around employee experience and create a space they’re willing to commute to. Our research suggests the role of the office is more important than ever – as an organizational asset, a revenue driver, and a hub for brand and purpose. 

“Increasingly, our clients are looking for ways to experiment and innovate in their workspace to quickly incorporate elements of comfort, safety and collaboration.”  

Designing a healthier, more human workplace 

Creating a strategy with your people at the front and center is step one. Next is designing a destination workplace where employees feel comfortable, welcomed and inspired – enabling them to bring their best and authentic selves to the office.  

A purposefully designed space that considers flexibility, mental health and wellness, and infuses brand and culture, can positively impact business goals and your teams.  

 It goes beyond adding a bunch of amenities. It's creating a sense of place, where people can be better at what they do, and feel comfortable and safe. It’s creating an office more like a living room — a bridge between work-from-home and a pre-pandemic traditional office.” 

Achieving your goals through a seamless construction process 

Making decisions to repurpose your office space is half the battle, but what about the other half, your construction delivery? Using a One Team model that Integrates strategy, design, and construction can ensure consistency, clear timelines and can help you meet your goals faster.

To thrive In our rapidly evolving world, organizations need a partner who is in step with cultural and business trends, new technologies, and can support your real estate needs.  

By upending the siloed build paradigm and seamlessly blending strategy, design, and construction delivery under one common roof, you can create a modern, experiential office.