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Collaboration, creativity and community

Since Unispace began in 2010, we’ve been committed to giving back to the community through pro bono work and community partnerships. We acknowledge the impact of architecture and design in enhancing individual lives and society, and the impact that Unispace has—and can have—in this area.

To formalise our approach and ensure the most valuable outcomes, our global CSR program, Impact, will officially launch in early 2018. Our program will focus on positive environmental impacts, strategic initiatives for the Unispace team as well as partnerships with clients, consultants and suppliers.

We also understand the intrinsic value of interaction with the wider community and the ideas that spark from collaborating with other creatives. This is why we open the doors to our studios, inviting others to connect and share knowledge. A recent example of this was our Columbus studio hosting Creative Mornings, a global breakfast lecture series for the creative community.

Doug Ulman, CEO of Pelotonia, and formerly, Livestrong, presented the theme of Survival, demonstrating how critical it is for communities to come together to achieve large goals like Pelotonia’s vision to end cancer. Doug drew upon stories from the grassroots cycling movement he founded in Columbus. As a cancer survivor himself, and the son of a breast cancer survivor and a prostate cancer survivor, Pelotonia is very personal. You can watch Doug’s talk here.

In addition to creating opportunities for community dialogue, Unispace is honoured to partner with not-for-profit and community organisations such as The Salvation Army, Special Olympics and SisterWorks as well as Washington Performing Arts, Abode Community and NZME Special Children’s Christmas Party.

We are excited to formally launch Impact in 2018 and do our part to inspire change across the industry. Watch this space!