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The Confluence of Immersive Experience

What does a community experience crossed with a personal VR viewer look like?

We co-hosted an event with Vossler Media Group, a hybrid creative agency and production company, and Igloo Vision, a shared VR 360° projection environment company, to show how immersive technology experiences can provide solutions to a wide range of industries and services. 

Together we showed attendees how a group-based VR experience, through Igloo’s VR projection space, can show content dynamically so that it connects with all members of a community at once and provides a new form of collaboration, that wouldn't be possible on an individual level.

The uses of this technology are endless, but for us, it's showing our clients their future workplace in an immersive, engaging way; one that ensures all team members are in the room together and can make communal decisions to drive the project forward.

Click here for more information on our work with Vossler Media Group.