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Deconstructing Agile: A celebration of our new Sydney studio

Earlier this month, we opened the doors to our Sydney studio and welcomed clients, neighbours and friends to celebrate our new workplace and deconstruct our journey to an agile work environment.

Held at our Sydney studio in the iconic Harry Seidler building at Grosvenor Place, we invited our guests to join us for lunch and explore our agile workplace in action.

Our Sydney studio is the latest iteration of an evolving prototype that places our ‘Think Create Make’ methodology in motion, with spaces supported by integrated technology and behaviours.

The space includes a variety of work settings to support individual, focused and collaborative work. Integrated technology enables seamless movement between different work modes.

Intricate detailing within every aspect of the design adds to the overall user experience. From the interactive 100sqm academy with writable surfaces and interactive screens, to the front of house exhibition space where clients can view what projects we are currently working on. A dedicated lab can be opened and extended for collaborative projects, while quiet rooms provide a haven for private work. 

The soft, light palette is complimented by concrete, marble and natural wood, highlighting the spectacular harbour views. The result is a beautifully bespoke, agile workplace, unique in Sydney.