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Doing more with less: how to stay and reorder for growth

We recently released a report looking at the chronic shortage of commercial office space in Melbourne and Sydney. We've come up with potential creative options for helping you beat the market and achieve the space you need including staying where you are and reducing your floorplate to reorder for growth.

Regardless of whether you need to expand, downsize, or stay the same, we can help you do more with less. And that means cost savings which you can reinvest when the property market re-balances itself.


You may not be able to find larger premises in Sydney or Melbourne, it’s as simple as that. Not only could we help you stay where you are and absorb that growth, but we can almost certainly help you to reduce the space you need. And don’t worry, it’s not about packing people in like sardines: it’s about using your space more intelligently; perhaps adapting where, when and how people work. 


Perhaps your business has shrunk, a major project has come to its natural conclusion, or a team has been seconded elsewhere. We can help you find ways to release your excess capacity – either permanently or temporarily – to save money and retain the most efficient ways to work collaboratively. 

Just want to use your space better?

If you’re neither growing nor downsizing, you may simply want to use your space more productively or effectively. We can show you how to release floorplate for collaboration, focus or innovation spaces. Alternatively, you could use it for employee wellbeing and motivation, perhaps adding in a cafeteria, gym or shower rooms. 

Managing change

Sometimes, employees can misinterpret and feel anxious about a reduction in floorplate. We can help here, too; we have proven change management approaches, and extensive experience, in helping teams to transition positively to new ways of working. 

Want the detail?

Download our complete reader on solving the challenge and see how Unispace can help you solve the property crisis.