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Our growth and the changing American workplace

Like our other regions, in the Americas, Unispace is growing. We've designed and built new studios in Boston, New York and Columbus, and are expanding in Los Angeles. While we’re very excited for our new workplaces, the reasons behind this growth, and the ideas and workstyles that are driving it, are what truly intrigue us.

It’s clear that the way people work has changed. With the growth of coworking and the changing lifestyles and demographics of Americans, understanding how people work and interact is key to creating a space that truly works for its inhabitants, not the other way around. As Matt Lock, Unispace Managing Director puts it, “Workspaces today need to resonate with their inhabitants on an emotional level to be successful".

Embracing this change is what is helping to move us forward. With a full workplace strategy team, coupled with the ability to both design and build projects in house, we are a different kind of firm, with a different approach, free from the traditional hierarchy of the AEC industry. We're able to offer clients alternative approaches to meet their workplace goals faster, smarter and more efficiently, with a focus on people. Ryan Caffyn-Parsons, Global Director, Delivery explains: "Taking design to a finished space is risky. We use a research-based methodology to deliver uncompromising designs on budget and on schedule".

Clients are recognising this, and are taking advantage of the benefits of our methodology, not only in terms of saved space, but in the ways that they operate their companies. To better show clients how spaces can help their people interact on a meaningful level and drive business forward, we're transitioning all of our new studios to be totally agile; there are no assigned desks and our team members sit wherever it fits their team, project or workstyle needs best at any given moment.

Unispace Global Principal, Strategy, Albert De Plazaola sums it up by saying, “The built environment has the power to attract talent, unleash creativity and enable us all to do our best, most satisfying work. By strategically focusing on people and an end-to-end solution, we can continue to usher in the next generation of workplace".

Unispace Boston Open Office

Our agile Boston studio was designed around activity based working; fostering continuous collaboration across teams and expressing our brand through our flexible work environment. 

Unispace Columbus Phone Booth

Our Columbus studio is designed as a living lab, adjusting to the right mix of spaces to best fulfil the agile working model. The space can ebb and flow as our studio grows, which will inform how we design spaces for clients in the future.