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Recalibrating the legal workplace: Dublin & London

In early May, Simon Pole presented our latest legal design thinking to a group of experts in Dublin and London.

Simon’s talk, titled ‘Recalibrating the Legal Workplace’ showcased how views of design for legal spaces, considering current and future generational requirements, can be more innovative rather than seeing them through a traditional lens or a typical ‘one size fits all’ approach.  

In recent years, the legal industry has found itself swept up in a wave of disruption. With drivers of change ranging from AI to big data, virtual assistants to outsourcing, law firms are also dealing with an increased need to support cross disciplinary teams and the diverse needs of four generations of workers.

Simon referenced some of the discussion which arose at the lunches as a result of the ideas and research:

“Our guests were interested in several of the research points, including the challenges a truly paperless workplace presents within the legal environment; understanding the real impact artificial intelligence will have on the workplace, as well as the next development of the legal pod – how will it evolve, and what space efficiencies might be afforded by it? Guests also showed interest in how it may be possible to physically represent practice innovation within spaces.”

Read more about the legal research in Simon’s recent blog.

The following images capture the London lunch, which was held at critically acclaimed Spring restaurant within historic Somerset House.