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TechTalk Radio: Neil Usher in conversation with Estates Gazette

Neil Usher, Executive Consultant, on why grown-up design should be the future of successful workplaces.

"Grow up! Why it is time for the industry to accept that the workplace is not a playground?"

Executive Consultant at Unispace's London studio, Neil Usher, was featured in this week's TechTalk Radio hosted by Estate Gazette EG’s Emily Wright and Samantha McClary.

The man behind the new offices at Sky, Neil reveals why clean lines and 'grown-up design' should be the future of successful workplaces.

Neil reflects on the learnings of implementing workplaces across the globe, drawing on both his Facilities Management and Property Strategy experience - crucially magnifying how important each aspect of this experience is in creating the ultimate and functional workplace campus, both from an innovation and people perspective.

For more on where he thinks workplace trends are heading next, tune in to this week’s episode.

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