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Unispace digs deep for bushfire recovery

Australia’s recent bushfires caught the attention of the international community, not least because of the heart-breaking plight of the wildlife. The fires ravaged over 44 million acres of land, causing the deaths of at least 33 people (including 4 firefighters), destroying over 3,000 homes, and killing or injuring countless animals. Unispace – globally headquartered in Sydney – felt we had to do something to help get wildlife and our local communities back on their feet.

In January, our Australian team committed to support the bushfire recovery appeal. As soon as our colleagues in EMEA and the Americas heard about it, they wanted to get on board too. Together, we’ve donated an impressive AUD$34,000 for the recovery effort, which will be used to help native animals get back into the wild and local communities recover.

The teams have nominated two charities to receive the donations:

  • WIRES is Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation. They’ve set up an emergency relief fund for frontline wildlife rescue and volunteer groups as well as actively pursuing significant opportunities to help wildlife more broadly across Australia, including partnering on projects to improve long-term rehabilitation for native animals.
  • The Australian Red Cross is funding grants for people whose homes have been destroyed, repairs to damaged homes, and funds to support bereavements and people hospitalised through fire.

Rob Aird, Managing Director APAC at Unispace, says he’s proud of the way the global team has come together. “Lots of businesses have offices around the world, but to be truly ‘global’ takes unity and purpose; a sense of the greater whole. It’s been heart-warming to see how our teams on other continents have reached out and helped."

“Australia’s been through a tough time since last August, with most people here affected in some way, directly or indirectly. Knowing that your colleagues on the other side of the world really care, and care enough to give so generously, is very moving and draws everyone closer together."

Unispace's Global CEO, Gareth Hales stated, "With the money that’s been raised, we can really make a difference to people and animals most in need of help, and they can access that help through two trusted charities who do outstanding work.”

If you want to help our native animals and local communities, reach out to WIRES and The Red Cross to find out how you can help with the recovery down under.