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Facility Management Professionals Have a Seat at the Table in Solving Complex Issues

In the CoreNet Global Knowledge Center Report delving into Facilities Management, our Design Principal, Antonia Walmsley, expresses how the job role of the FM is more complex than it used to be.

Facilities managers (FMs) across industries are finding themselves on the front lines of big
challenges, and increasingly, they’re playing an important role in both tactical execution and
strategic planning.

"The job of the FM is more complex and less straightforward than it used to be. People are no longer coming to work in the morning and leaving at the end of the day Monday through Friday. There are a lot of unknown quantities, and every company has reacted in a different way. It's not something that you can go and look at another company and say, 'Yes, that makes sense. We're just going to do that.'

You do have to collect that data individually from each place to really understand utilization and be able to make key decisions." - Antonia Walmsley

In the post-COVID market there is a massive amount of focus on space utilisation and cutting
overhead costs associated with underutilized office spaces. Another issue is having that space ready in a form that people want to come back to work in and where they can be productive. FMs are now part of those workplace teams that are thinking through space utilisation and consolidation plans.

Read the report to deep-dive into the FM role and how they have a seat at the table in solving complex issues.

Click here to read the full report.