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Growing our technical expertise to deliver world-class life sciences facilities

Unispace Life Sciences is continuing to expand its expertise in delivering customized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities and laboratory environments through the addition of industry veteran Dean Poillucci as Head of Life Sciences, Americas.

"As we deepen our life sciences expertise and enhance our ability to serve the complex needs of this sector, we’re excited to bring on Dean Poillucci to lead Unispace Life Sciences in the Americas. With 30 years of life sciences experience and technical expertise, he will help us meet the moment in delivering the next generation of pharmaceutical and biotech facilities.” –John O’Reilly, Managing Director, Unispace Life Sciences (formerly BioPharma Engineering)

Sparking brilliance and scientific breakthroughs

The life sciences industry delivers critical solutions from bringing products to market to creating new vaccines, medical devices, and other pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovations that help tackle the world’s most urgent challenges. Never has the importance of life sciences been more visible, especially in the last two-and-a-half years. This is driving the demand for world-class facilities that support the technical experts and talent and keep companies on the leading edge.

Creating spaces for life sciences companies requires specialized engineering expertise, a full understanding of the regulatory environment, and innovative design. Dean brings a robust chemical engineering background along with decades of construction experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical space that will help our clients realize their vision and enable us to deliver innovative spaces that spark brilliance.

Building a global life sciences footprint

Our experienced professionals have partnered with top tier clients like Boston Scientific, Merck, Shire, Smith+Nephew, and Olympus to deliver award-winning facilities.

  • Boston Scientific, Brussels, Belgium: Outgrowing their existing space, Boston Scientific developed a workplace model for their new location. To foster creativity and promote connectivity while enabling future growth, we used a neighborhood design concept with collaboration and focus areas to connect and collaborate as needed as well as provided space for quiet, focused technical work.
  • Merck, Sydney, Australia: After outgrowing their space, Merck needed a workplace that was inspiring and vibrant while considering the needs of multiple teams and their varied responsibilities and workstyles. To address the convergence of various teams, their office layout is designed around task-specific "zones." The space also has bespoke features such as a lab, training rooms, and a library.

As a global leader in designing and delivering tailored commercial real estate solutions, Dean will help us continue to create workspaces and facilities that blend technical understanding with a human touch.

"With 16 years of industry-specific expertise in life sciences, Unispace Life Sciences (formerly BioPharma Engineering) has a proven track record in this space. I believe their unique, integrated model combining strategy, design, and construction is especially well-suited for the fast-moving, yet highly regulated life sciences space. I am thrilled to join this team of life sciences experts and elevate Unispace’s reputation as the go-to design and construction partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.–Dean Poillucci, Head of Life Sciences, Americas

Welcome, Dean! We look forward to continuing to create spaces that help inspire the pharmaceutical breakthroughs that transform lives.


About Dean Poillucci, Head of Life Sciences, Americas

Dean Poillucci, Head of Life Sciences, Americas, Unispace Life SciencesDean Poillucci has a long-standing background in creating life sciences facilities and a proven track record in delivering client-centric solutions. Under Dean’s leadership, Unispace Life Sciences will continue to expand their presence and expertise and create capital projects that help life sciences companies solve the world’s most urgent challenges.

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