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Meet Kasia Soheili, Unispace CFO for APAC

Join us in welcoming our new Regional CFO for Asia and ANZ, Kasia Soheili. In this Q&A, Kasia shares details on her professional background, why she joined Unispace and what she’s most looking forward to in her new role.

Welcome to Unispace Kasia, we’re so pleased you’ve joined us as the new Regional CFO across APAC! Can you tell us what attracted you to Unispace?  

Thank you, It’s great to be onboard. My first two weeks have been both interesting and exciting. The standout for me has been the corporate culture and the amazing people. The individuals I met during the interview process and the excitement and passion they conveyed when they spoke about Unispace was inspiring. I was also drawn to Unispace because of the creative projects we deliver, and the calibre of clients across APAC, and globally.

We understand you have an extensive background in the Financial, Banking and Property industries; what are the key traits that you’re bringing to the team?

Yes, I have been in finance for almost 20 years, I started my career as an auditor which taught me the fundamentals and the importance of asking the question “why?” to gain insight into a business by understanding its components. I have extensive experience in acquisitions, compliance, and governance, together with process improvement and implementation. This, along with my industry knowledge and understanding of a company’s business model, allows me to provide perspective, assess risk, solve problems, and ask the right questions to ensure that business decisions are grounded and financially sound.

From a personal perspective, I am calm, adaptable, and results-orientated with a passion for developing talent. I think it’s important to empower and encourage finance teams to continuously develop and learn, while also involving them in the decision-making process. 

What excites you most about your new role?

I’m excited to grow and add value across our APAC business, as well as partnering with the team to support key stakeholders across Unispace, providing them with balanced judgement and acting as a trusted advisor in all finance-related matters.

Lastly, what are your key priorities once you’ve planted your feet firmly under the desk?

It’s essential to fully understand the business model, what drives business performance and to build strong relationships. Exceptional working relationships are built on trust,  and trust is earnt through getting to know your colleagues, and offering guidance, support, and technical expertise. It’s very important for finance and the business to be aligned. I like finance to have visibility across the business and to collaborate with the business by being a true business partner and nurturing a supportive environment that encourages diverse thinking.  

I also enjoy understanding the mechanics behind the numbers, and the processes and procedures that are undertaken and seeking solutions to improve efficiency to operate optimally.

Kasia-Soheili-Profile With almost 20 years experience in the finance, banking and property industries, Kasia Soheili is the Regional Chief Finance Office of Unispace for ANZ and Asia. With a focus on enhancing growth and adding value across APAC, Kasia leads the Finance team throughout this region and acts as a trusted advisor in all finance-related matters for her local and global colleagues.