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Workspaces are an anchor for leadership in uncertain times

The great debate highlighting the return to the workplace rages on for employees and employers alike. In the Times Raconteur special report deep-diving into The Future Workplace, our Head of Design, Stuart Finnie, expressed how businesses need to have a focus on workplace wellbeing in order to allow staff to feel comfortable in returning to the office. 

“There’s more recognition now that employee mental health and wellbeing need to be a business priority – and central to this is how the physical workplace supports them.”

Workplaces are still dealing with the aftermath of Covid. Employers now need to position staff wellbeing at the forefront and take the Gen Z checklist of a healthy, social and flexible working environment into consideration when it comes to office space.

“If a building isn’t designed to allow people to feel comfortable while they are in the space, it will negatively impact on how an individual performs.” - Stuart Finnie

Whether permanently or temporarily, the pandemic changed the ways in which people choose to work - but it also shed light on the importance of the office in the future growth and healthy development of a business. Read the report to delve into the future of the workplace and how your business can join the movement.

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